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<u><em>The Ross Momentum LT</em></u> from W. W. Doak
The Ross Momentum LT
The Momentum LT™ is designed with a drag system based on proven technology, chosen because of its stiffness, strength, heat resistance, and shock-dampening capabilities. Additional features like titanium drag components, a quick-release locking spool, and water shedding grooves on the palming rim give you the ultimate big fish fly reel and ensures dependability and performance under the most demanding fishing conditions.

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Available in Black or Champagne Gold

  SizeWidth (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacitySpeyLines
Spare Spool
41.10"3.75"7.6 oz.7-9 wt.WF8+2006/7/8+125$470.00   $282.00  
51.20"4.00"8.1 oz.8-10 wt.WF9+2508/9/10+175$525.00   $315.00  
61.20"4.25"8.7 oz.10-12 wt.WF11+2759/10/11+200$570.00   $342.00  
71.30"4.50"9.5 oz.11-13 wt.WF12+35010/11/12+275$620.00   $372.00  
<u><em>The Ross F1</em></u> from W. W. Doak
The Ross F1
The F1 is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates the most innovative features found in any fly reel. The drag system utilizes eight independent contact points to produce the smoothest and most dependable drag system on the market today. Two square inches of carbon fiber drag surface results in unsurpassed stopping power and heat dissipation. The spool fits on a carbon fiber stabilizer with two fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings that provide precision fit and smooth rotation. The F1 employs a Ross original clutch bearing that is fully sealed and enables retrieve conversion without removing the bearing- an industry first! The extensive use of carbon fiber in the drag system, spool stabilizer, handle and spool release produce system strength and rigidity, while at the same time reducing overall weight. Ten separate o-rings completely seal the system, making it totally impervious to the drag-changing effects of water. The F1 employs a constant-torque drag knob with a 56:1 mechanical advantage; resulting in uniform drag knob rotation and infinite drag adjustment.
 Colour: Black or Nickel Silver

  SizeWidth (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
41.35"4.00"7.1 oz.7-9 wt.WF8+200$575.00  
51.50"4.375"9.95 oz.10-12 wt.WF10+275$650.00  
<u><em>The Ross Animas</em></u> from W. W. Doak
The Ross Animas
With a custom two-tone anodized finish and solid aluminum frame components, the Ross Animas is coupled with a liquid-smooth and powerful drag system with low start-up inertia to protect even the lightest tippet, during blistering, unexpected runs. The Animas features a tool-less, simple right-to-left hand conversion and a large arbour design for rapid line retrieval. Available in Stealth Black or Granite

  Width (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacitySpey Lines
Spare Spool
0.97"3.125"4.3 oz.3-4wt.WF3+75 $225.00   $135.00  
0.97"3.25"4.5 oz.4-5wt.WF4+100 $235.00   $141.00  
1.01"3.50"4.9 oz.5-6wt.WF5+150 $250.00   $150.00  
1.09"3.875"7.0 oz.7-8wt.WF8+2006/7/8+125$275.00   $165.00  
1.17"4.25"8.5 oz.9-10wt.WF9+2508/9/10+175$300.00   $180.00  
1.19"4.625"9.5 oz.11-12wt.WF12+27510/11/12+275$325.00   $195.00  
The Ross Evolution LT
The Evolution LT™ is unquestionably one of the lightest fly reels ever produced, and as such this large arbor fly reel is a machining masterpiece. This series is designed for those anglers who appreciate both art and function, as the cosmetic innovation and precision workmanship of the Evolution LT™ series is only surpassed by its drag system which is precise and sensitive - capable of protecting the lightest tippets even when battling world-class fish.

Available in Black, Grey Mist, Green
<u><em>The Ross Evolution LT</em></u> from W. W. Doak

  SizeWidth (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
Spare Spool
00.85"2.75"3.8 oz.1-3 wt.WF2+35$275.00   $165.00  
10.90"3.00"3.9 oz.2-4 wt.WF3+50$285.00   $171.00  
1.50.90"3.125"4.1 oz.3-5 wt.WF4+65$295.00   $177.00  
20.95"3.25"4.2 oz.4-6 wt.WF5+75$315.00   $189.00  
31.00"3.50"4.5 oz.5-7 wt.WF6+100$335.00   $201.00  
41.00 "3.75"4.8 oz.7-9 wt.WF7+150$350.00   $210.00  
The Ross CLA (Cimarron Large Arbor)
The CLA has set the standard for affordable large arbor fly reels by incorporating a superior drag mechanism that is extraordinarily smooth, heat resistant and provides incredible stopping power. While it may be offered at a reasonable price, this is by no means a budget "compromise" reel as no options have been overlooked. The series is fully machined out of a proprietary aluminum alloy, fully anodized for protection and built to take the type of abuse applied to a reel that is used every day of the season.

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Available in Black and Grey Mist
<u><em>The Ross CLA (Cimarron Large Arbor)</em></u> from W. W. Doak

  SizeWidth (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
31.00"3.50"5.4 oz.5-7 wt.WF6+175$200.00  
Ross Flyrise Reel
The Flyrise is a large arbor fly reel that is built around the award winning Evolution® LT drag system. This is pretty impressive considering that the Evolution LT sells for more than twice the price of this incredible series! The drag adjustment is precise and sensitive - capable of protecting the lightest tippets even when battling world-class fish. To guarantee the level of dependability anglers have come to expect from all Ross products, the Flyrise series has been designed with a triple redundancy drag system, providing three backup systems to ensure dependability under the most demanding conditions.

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<u><em>Ross Flyrise Reel</em></u> from W. W. Doak

  Width (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
1.00"3.50"5.2 oz.5-7 wt.WF6+175$120.00  
1.10"3.75"5.7 oz.7-9 wt.WF8+200$120.00  
Ross Flystart Reel
The Flystart is a large arbor fly reel that is affordably priced, yet built with the same commitment to quality and performance as all Ross reels. The gear-to-gear drag is a low maintenance, high performance system that is dependable, smooth and has a wide range of adjustment. And don't be fooled by the price. This reel is everything a budget-minded angler needs to land the fish of a lifetime. The Flystart series is coated with our proprietary AGP finish. This coating is incredibly strong and substantially more durable than any finish applied to competitive reels. The Flystart is a great reel for the first-time fly fishing participant that demands quality, but does not want to spend a fortune gearing up to fish.

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<u><em>Ross Flystart Reel</em></u> from W. W. Doak

  Width (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
1.10"3.75"6.1 oz.7-9 wt.WF8+200$75.00  
<u><em>The Ross Rhythm</em></u> from W. W. Doak
The Ross Rhythm
The lightweight Rhythm is rugged enough to ensure a lifetime of flawless performance and its Delrin® disc brake is impervious to heat and compression, for a strong, smooth, reliable drag.

Available in limited quantities in Black only.

  SizeWidth (spool)DiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
Spare Spool
31.00"3.50"4.7 oz.5-7 wt.WF6+175$192.50   N/A
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