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W. W. Doak Fly Fishing Combo Builder
Here at W. W. Doak, we have been selecting and assembling fly fishing outfits for decades. Drawing from our many years of experience in the trade, we have a good understanding of which lines and reels will best compliment each fly rod we sell. We have listed several options and you can confidently use this feature to explore and create a fly fishing system to best suit your preferences and your budget.

In addition, listed on the tabs above are some pre-packaged outfit combinations which we believe offer excellent value and performance.

All our outfits come fully assembled with lines installed by us here on the Miramichi using our trademark "Wally Doak" backing / line splice. We also attach one of our hand tied tapered leaders on the end so they're ready to fish when you are.
Trout Options 5 Weight Outfit   6 Weight Outfit
Salmon Options 8 Weight Outfit   9 Weight Outfit

Sage Approach 4 Piece Outfit - With 2200 Series Reel from W. W. Doak
Sage Approach 4 Piece Outfit - With 2200 Series Reel
Sage's Approach series rods combined with a Sage 2200 series reel, Rio Gold floating line, backing, W. W. Doak hand-tied tapered leader all professionally installed and ready to fish. A protective rod case is included.
890-4 Approach Outfit 
9'0"83 15/16 oz.$550.00  
990-4 Approach Outfit 
9'0"94 1/8 oz.$550.00  
Orvis Clearwater - Salmon Rods from W. W. Doak
Orvis Clearwater - Salmon Rods
Strong enough to stand up to even the roughest conditions and toughest fish, but light enough to cast all day, it's perfect for when you need to punch flies into the wind and turn over bulky flies, all without wearing out your arm. Swirling stripers and shimmering steelhead don't stand a chance against its power, smooth action, and fish-turning ability.
Outfit includes:
  • Clearwater Rod
  • Cordura Rod Tube
  • Clearwater LA Reel
  • Clearwater Line
  • Backing Line
  • Fly line and backing spliced and installed with a Miramichi Hand Tied Tapered Leader attached

  •   LengthLineWeight
    Clearwater 9' 8 weight 
    9'83 3/4 oz.$415.00  
    Clearwater 10' 8 weight 
    10'84 3/8 oz.$415.00  
    Clearwater 9' 9 weight 
    9'93 5/8 oz.$415.00  

    Orvis Clearwater - Trout Rods

    Clearwater 8' 6" 5 weight 
    8' 6"53 oz.$385.00  
    Clearwater 9' 5 weight 
    9'53¼ oz.$385.00  
    Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Outfit from W. W. Doak
    Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Outfit

    The Encounter rod series combines state-of-the-art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance—packaged with a large arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, and leader.
      LengthLine SizeWeight
    Encounter 9' 5 weight 
    9'53½ oz.$170.00  
    Redington Path - 4 Piece Salmon Outfit from W. W. Doak
    Redington Path - 4 Piece Salmon Outfit

    9' 844.40 oz.$210.00  

    Redington Path - 4 Piece Trout Outfit

    8' 6" 543.20 oz.$210.00  
    9' 543.10 oz.$210.00  
    Fenwick Pfleuger Nighthawk Outfit
    The Fenwick® Pflueger® Night Hawk Fly Kit features the Fenwick® Night Hawk rod and Pflueger® Monarch reel. A great combo for those getting started in fly fishing. Provides a crisp medium action essential for developing casting technique. It also includes a perfectly matched and balanced rod, reel, and line set up that is ready to fish!
    Fenwick Pfleuger Nighthawk Outfit from W. W. Doak

      LengthLine SizeWeight
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