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campbells  Re: New flies/old flies - Dec 31, 1969, 21:00:00 PM

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Registered: 02.06.2011
Howie - excellent looking flies. A friend and I just came back from fishing in Scotland, and tubes have almost entirely taken over there, especially for larger flies. They don't have to be large though. I personally prefer conventional flies tied on the hook shank for anything smaller than say a #4, but some folks do fish some very short tubes.
Most of the tubes are fished no differently than our standard wet flies. there are two exceptions that I can think. The first is the very popular sunray shadow. While this long, snakey fly can be fished on the swing, most people do a little stripping along with it. The sunray is highly thought of for its ability to elicit a strike from stale fish. The fly is cast square across the current and stripped quickly by the fish. I've tried that technique a little on the M, but I haven't done all that well with it. The other exception is when the tube is fished on a sink tip line and mending is done to get a slow, deep presentation. I have seen that work wonders in the fall on the M and the Cains when the water begings to get cold.