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campbells  Re: I have not seen this many fish this early in 33 years - Dec 31, 1969, 21:00:00 PM

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Registered: 02.06.2011
Release IT - after some very tough Junes on the Main SW for most of us that are located below the mouth of the Cains, this year we are back to the way it was , or even better. Every day that the water is at a fishable level we are contacting fish, and they are holding quite well, even though we are not down to anything close to summer fishing levels.

There are plenty of good fish, but what is amazing too is the number of female grilse. If we see a few early female grilse in most years that's quite a lot. This year our catch is better than 50% female grilse.

A poster on another forum says that a biologist told him that a good early run is important because it just indicates a bigger bell shaped curve. If male grilse are 4.5 times as numerous as females, the river should be full of them once they start to come in.