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Jerry Doak  Come Hail or High Water - Dec 31, 1969, 21:00:00 PM

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Registered: 04.06.2011
Lately we have had more than our share of both. On the heels of a saturated Saturday, last Sunday morning on the Miramichi started off with a bang. An intense thunder storm brought heavy rain and even hail to many parts of the watershed. As a result, the Miramichi has risen several feet above normal for the time of year, but it appears to have crested now and is slowly starting drop. Strangely enough, there were still some fish caught in the upper areas of the Main Southwest, as well on the headwaters of some smaller tributaries but most folks seem to be holding off for a couple of days to let things settle down a bit. Before the raise, many pools were experiencing great fishing with one local camp reporting 16 fish landed by their guests on Friday. All in all, it continues to be an exceptionally strong run of June salmon and grilse.