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Jerry Doak
 Early Season Successes - Jun 04, 2011, 12:49:10 PM #1

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Registered: 04.06.2011
In late May on the Miramichi, it is not uncommon to hear rumours of "a few bright fish". Usually the reports will start with vague references to the Northwest Miramichi, which is traditionally an earlier river than the Main Southwest. This is often followed by speculation on what might be happening "down-river" as a few early fish make their way into the system. Such stories are often greeted with scepticism by many, but this year the Miramichi has provided abundant proof of its bounty, with several reports of early angling success.

On Friday, May 27, a good friend stopped in to report that he had encountered 2 salmon and one grilse during a couple of days of angling. By Saturday, his report was echoed by several other anglers with similar tales. It is not unusual to hear of a few Miramichi salmon being caught in late May, but the 2011 numbers are extremely impressive and the photographic proof provided by some customers leaves little room for doubt. What is really surprising is the strong number of grilse being caught which is most unusual for the time of year. There have also been several reports of sea trout as large as 23" being caught in what appears to be a healthy population.

What may lie ahead for the summer is still anyone's guess but with high water levels and cooler than normal temperatures, the entire Miramichi system is off to a strong start to the 2011 season.

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