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  • Wading
  • Wading
Simms Guardsocks from W. W. Doak
Simms Guardsocks
  • Improved design allows for easier on/ off
  • Anatomically correct left/right stocking feet
  • 3.5mm neoprene fills out your wading boots
  • Abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey for durability & no-slip
  • Molded Boot hook tab
    Simms Gravel Guard from W. W. Doak
    Simms Gravel Guard
  • New & improved fit that contours better to the shape of your boots.
  • Abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey on the underside of the gravel guard will increase durability of the guard
  • Loop wrap with Velcro hook
  • Calf length
  • Easy on-off
    Simms Replacement Laces from W. W. Doak
    Simms Replacement Laces
    Strong boot laces for a snug, confident fit.
    Simms Neoprene Wading Belt from W. W. Doak
    Simms Neoprene Wading Belt
    2" wide with quick release buckle.
    Simms Hardbite Studs<br>For Felt Soles from W. W. Doak
    Simms Hardbite Studs
    For Felt Soles
  • 45+ Rockwell hard screw, zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • 1/4" hex head sharp point screw fits any 1/4" nut driver or drill bit
  • Welded carbide gripper pellets enhance traction and durability
  • For use with felt soles
  • 20 studs per package
    Simms Hardbite Star Cleat from W. W. Doak
    Simms Hardbite Star Cleat
  • Specifically shaped to fit between the mini-360 lugs on Simms' StreamTread™ outsoles
  • Carbide chips welded to each arm of the cleat for added traction and durability
  • Cleat pads create as much surface area as six HardBite Studs
  • 10 cleats and screws per package
  • May be used individually or in combination with HardBite Studs in any pattern that the angler chooses to best fit the wading environment
    Simms Alumibite Star Cleats from W. W. Doak
    Simms Alumibite Star Cleats
  • Corrosion-free aluminum is softer than carbide & conforms to the micro surfaces of rocks producing excellent grip
  • Designed to fit pre-defined cleat locations on Vibram® rubber outsoles featured on Simms StreamTread™ Vibram Soles
  • Machined & manufactured in Bozeman, Montana
  • 10 per pack
    Korkers OmniTrax Felt Sole from W. W. Doak
    Korkers OmniTrax Felt Sole
    Compressed high-quality felt performs in extremely slippery water conditions.
    Sizes: 8 - 13 
    Korkers I-Drain Neoprene Wading Sock from W. W. Doak
    Korkers I-Drain Neoprene Wading Sock

    Specs: 2.5mm neoprene upper with perforated Airprene underfoot.

    Sizes: S (7-8), M (9-10), L (11-12), XL (13-14)

    Sizes: S - XL 
    Aquaseal FD from W. W. Doak
    Aquaseal FD
    With Aquaseal® you can easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders and outdoor gear. Aquaseal is a clear, waterproof adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going. Don't let a rip or a tear stop you. Aquaseal will patch that hole in your raft, fix the gash in your fishing waders and make sure you stay dry. Aquaseal is all you need to keep your gear going as long as you do.
    3/4 oz. Tube 
    Aquaseal UV from W. W. Doak
    Aquaseal UV
    Need to make instant field repairs to outdoor gear, but don't have time to wait for the glue to dry? Try Aquaseal UV®. This quick-drying UV adhesive cures in seconds when exposed to sunlight. Ideal for instant stream-side repairs, Aquaseal UV's flexible formula works in both overcast and full light conditions. Use it to repair neoprene, GORE-TEX® or other waterproof breathable waders as well as outdoor gear, like tents and inflatable mattresses. As an added bonus, Aquaseal UV can also be used to coat fly line knots or as a head cement for fly tying.
    1/4 oz. Tube 
    Aquaseal SR<br>Shoe Repair Adhesive from W. W. Doak
    Aquaseal SR
    Shoe Repair Adhesive
    Fix footwear permanently at home or in the field with Aquaseal SR. Formerly known as Freesole, this shoe repair adhesive is waterproof and dries as a clear, flexible glue that lasts for years. Easily complete a boot repair, create durable toe protectors, and rebuild worn heels within a few hours. Unaffected by heat or cold, make heavy duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements whether at a jobsite or on a mountaintop. From rubber boots to steel-toe shoes and everything in between, repair and reinforce your footwear with Aquaseal SR.
    1 oz. Tube 
    Folstaf Collapsible Wading Staff from W. W. Doak
    Folstaf Collapsible Wading Staff
    Just a flick of the wrist extends this from its fold up size of 10" to a sturdy, reliable, wading staff. All models are made in the U. S. from 3/4" heavy duty aluminum tubing and come with lanyard and leather holster.
    Short - 41" 
    Reg. - 50" 
    Tall - 59" 
    Simms G3 Wading Staff from W. W. Doak
    Simms G3 Wading Staff
    • Lightweight yet highly durable 7075 aluminum tubing with coated stainless steel cable and ribbed closed-cell foam handle
    • Simple yet firm deployment opens and closes in seconds
    • Extended closed-cell foam handle for multiple grab heights
    • Built-in wrist strap, retractor and compression molded sheath
    • Printed inches for depth gauge, plus replaceable/interchangeable aluminum tip
    • Deployed length: 54.75 in (140 cm) | Collapsed length: 14 in (35.5 cm)
    • To deploy: Grip the orange aluminum ring to pull down on the slider shaft until the spring-loaded pin pops out locking the shaft sections together
    • To collapse: Press the spring-loaded pin allowing the slider shaft to slide up, releasing the tension which holds the shaft sections together. Pull the sections apart and bring each section together to fold and re-sheath.
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