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Echo Classic Switch Rod - 4 Piece from W. W. Doak
Echo Classic Switch Rod - 4 Piece

Whether looking for your first two-hand rod or a great back-up, the ECHO Classic "Long" rods are the smoothest, easiest casting rods in their class. High-grade components and a classic Deep Emerald blank color mean these rods look as good as they fish. They have a crisp action and modest power, allowing performance over the largest range of fishing conditions using both floating and sink-tip lines.
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Echo Ion XL Fly Rod - 4 Piece from W. W. Doak
Echo Ion XL Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Casting large flies into a stiff breeze is best done with high line speed and tight loops. Fighting big fish often requires rods with a stiff backbone. Creating a rod that can do both well without causing undue hand and arm fatigue is no easy task. Generating high line speed without fatigue was the design goal for the ECHO ION series of rods. If you plan to cast all day and still have enough strength to drive home you need a rod with just enough power to get the fly to the fish and a little extra power in reserve "just in case".
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