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Rio Braided Loops from W. W. Doak
Rio Braided Loops
4 braided loops per pack
Lines 7-12 
Lines 3 - 6 
Rio AgentX™<br>Fly Line Dressing from W. W. Doak
Rio AgentX™
Fly Line Dressing
The AgentX Line Dressing is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines. RIO's proprietary AgentX formulation features lubricants used in the new AgentX lines that will keep the line slick and clean longer. Easy to apply with a soft cloth. Allow 30 minutes or so to dry before buffing off. 1 oz. Bottle
Scientific Anglers Tippet Holder from W. W. Doak
Scientific Anglers Tippet Holder
It is essentially a T-bar, but once you add a few spools of leader, it transforms into a Tippet Holder. A carabineer attachment is included.
Scientific Anglers Fly Line Winder from W. W. Doak
Scientific Anglers Fly Line Winder
  • Create and dispense coils of fly line
  • Only one Regulator Spool is needed for managing all of your lines
Rio Wonder Cloth<br>Line Cleaner from W. W. Doak
Rio Wonder Cloth
Line Cleaner
RIO's new Wonder Cloth is a micro abrasive cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line. For best results finish by applying a coating of AgentX line dressing.
4 pads per pack
Rio AgentX™<br>Line Cleaning Kit from W. W. Doak
Rio AgentX™
Line Cleaning Kit
The AgentX Fly Line Cleaning Kit comes with a pack of RIO's Wonder Cloth and a 1 oz. bottle of AgentX Line Dressing to keep your fly line working in tip top shape. An easy application will keep your line casting further and floating higher much longer than untreated versions.
Gherke's PZ Line Cleaner from W. W. Doak
Gherke's PZ Line Cleaner
With its specially formulated plasticizers and cleaning agents, Gehrke's PZ will restore and rejuvenate fly lines for extended life and improved performance.
Airflo Whizz Lube<br>Line Dressing from W. W. Doak
Airflo Whizz Lube
Line Dressing
This clever flip top system incorporates the applicator into the bottle cap, making it quick and easy for you to apply a your flyline even out on the water. Inside the bottle you will find a blend of lubricant so slick and water repulsive that it not only helps your line shoot extra yards, but will bring tired floating line tips back to the surface. Works well on all fly lines, but excels with Ridge Technology.
Scientific Anglers<br>Fly Line Cleaner from W. W. Doak
Scientific Anglers
Fly Line Cleaner
With advanced lubricants for a slick, long lasting coating. Also includes a special cleaning pad with micropolishing technology to remove contaminants and restore coating qualities. 1 oz. bottle.
Mucilin Silicone Paste from W. W. Doak
Mucilin Silicone Paste
Dating back to a bygone era, this classic British silicone fly line cleaner also works as a dry fly dressing and leader floatant. It is a popular favourite of many die hard anglers who regularly use it to enhance the life and durability of their lines.
Mucilin Line Paste from W. W. Doak
Mucilin Line Paste
A good traditional fly line cleaner, particularly preferred for use on silk lines and those fishing with bamboo rods, both of which may possibly be adversely affected by silicone.
Metal Fly Line Eyelets from W. W. Doak
Metal Fly Line Eyelets
3 per pack
Last Updated: July 13, 2024 at 4:35:46 PM
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