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Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel
A light weight disc drag reel in its purest form, the all-new Ultradisc features everything you need and nothing you don't in a disc drag fly reel. With an innovative frame design, this reel sets a new standard in lightweight performance reels while allowing the use of ultra thin fly lines and running lines as well as leader-only systems popular in modern river fishing. The scaled multi-pad drag system is also unregulated, meaning fine adjustment of the drag pressure over a large window is possible.
Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel from W. W. Doak

Ultradisc UD 7000 LA 
0.875"4.29"5.0 oz.WF 8 with 150 yds. Backing$395.00  
Ultradisc UD 8000 LA 
1.0625"4.5"6.8 oz.WF 9 with 200 yds. Backing$425.00  
Ultradisc UD 9000 LA 
1.125"4.8"7.1 oz.WF 10 with 200 yds. Backing$425.00  
Hardy Marquis LWT Fly Reel
  • Made in Alnwick, England
  • Bar stock 6061 Construction
  • Improved range of adjustment
  • Modified Porting to reduce weight
  • Updated yet classic styling
  • Indented regulator button

  • A re-modeled classic Hardy fly reel. The Hardy Marquis was a mainstay of the Hardy line for many years. This new edition features numerous improvements to the original including subtle updating of the classic style with an indented regulator button, increased porting, and improved regulation range.
    Hardy Marquis LWT Fly Reel from W. W. Doak

    Marquis LWT Salmon #1 
    3 1/8"8.11 oz.WF8 with 200 yds. Backing$450.00  
    Marquis LWT Salmon #2 
    4 1/8"8.47 oz.WF11 with 280 yds. Backing$495.00  
    Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel
    Designed for use in some of the most demanding conditions around the globe, the Fortuna Regent delivers effortless control, power, and rapid line retrieval when you need it the most. The Fortuna Regent is built around a multi pad, carbon fibre disc drag system housed within a sealed, waterproof hub design offering the highest level of sealing yet seen on a Hardy fly reel. Drag is adjusted via a tensioned regulator that results in positive, linear drag application within a one turn range whilst delivering impressive top end drag. Finally, the large Arbor spool delivers exceptional line pick up and the narrow spool profile ensures easy level stacking of the line during the heat of the battle. The Fortuna Regent is a worthy successor to the original Fortuna series offering flawless reliability on your next saltwater adventure.

  • 2 Color Options
  • Carbon Fibre Multi-Pad Disc Drag System
  • Sealed, Waterproof Drag Housing
  • Ultra Large Arbor Design
  • Narrow Spool Profile
  • Positive, linear drag adjustment with defined detents for ease of setting
  • Optimum drag window within one turn
  • High power drag system delivering between 10 & 20lb of top end drag, model dependent
  • Supplied in Hardy neoprene reel pouch
  • Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel from W. W. Doak

    8000 Silver 
    4.5"8.7 oz.WF 9 + 175 yds backing$750.00  
    Hardy Cascapedia from W. W. Doak
    Hardy Cascapedia
    The new Cascapedia reel is a stunning addition to the Hardy Made in England reel program. Features a fully functioning disc drag with an inbuilt audible clicker to give the classic cascapedia sound.
    • Made in UK
    • Full barstock construction
    • S -Shaped Handle
    • Classic Click check ratchet sound

    Cascapedia 8/9 
    12.7 oz.WF 9 + 200yds 30 lb. Backing$850.00  
    Hardy Sovereign
    One of the favorites from Hardy's past, the Sovereign reels were conceived in 1987, remained in production until the late 1990's and offered highly advanced specifications together with maximum reliability. Packed with a powerful drag system and many other performance enhancing features, these new Hardy Sovereign reels are still constructed in Alnwick, England to the same exacting standards as their forebearers.
    • Made by Hardy Bros Master Craftsmen in Alnwick, England
    • Self lubricating, disc drag system
    • Fast, tool free left or right hand selector lever
    • Click or silent mechanism button (outgoing sound only)
    • Engineered from bar stock aluminium
    • Deep anodized finish
    • Supplied in a Hardy neoprene reel pouch
    Hardy Sovereign from W. W. Doak

    Sovereign #9/10 
    WF8 with 150 yds.$650.00  
    Sovereign #8/9 
    WF7 with 150 yds.$625.00  
    Hardy St. Aiden from W. W. Doak
    Hardy St. Aiden
    When Hardy looked through their history to find the best tackle to commemorate their 150th anniversary, it was quickly agreed that the Lightweight series in the 1970 edition was the correct choice to reisssue. The St. Aiden is reissued with a nickel silver double screw line guide, raised spindle casing, and a collectable leather reel bag. The line guard is marked with an engraved commemorative dating of 1872-2022.
    • Celebrating 150 years of the Hardy brand
    • The Iconic lightweight series manufactured in barstock aluminium
    • Classic two screw line Guard
    • Commemorative engraving
    • Supplied in a soft leather reel case

    St. Aiden 
    Vintage Spare Spools from The House of Hardy

    We have a limited supply of spare spools for older Hardy reels. All of these spools are completely new and in their original packaging. However, as you might expect over the years, some of the boxes are a little "shopworn". We have listed the box colour in each case as well, for those with an interest in collecting a particular series.

    Please note: We do not have access to spools for any other discontinued models or sizes of Hardy reels.
    Golden Prince #8/9 Spool from W. W. Doak
    Golden Prince #8/9 Spool
    White Box 
    Marquis #1 Silent Check - Silver face from W. W. Doak
    Marquis #1 Silent Check - Silver face
    Orange Box 

    Marquis #2 Silent Check - Silver face

    White Box 
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