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Greys Wing Salmon Rod from W. W. Doak
Greys Wing Salmon Rod
Fly fishing is a challenging endeavor that tests your gear as much as your abilities. Greys Wing Fly rods were designed to overcome the challenges of the environment, propel large, heavy and air resistant flies long distances, and do battle with some of the strongest and fastest fish in the world.
  • Powerlux 4pc carbon blank
  • Saltwater specific design and action
  • AAA Cork handle
  • Double foot snake guides
  • Lined stripper guides
  • Full Alloy reel seat
  • Dual locking nuts with nylon cushion ring
  • Keyed & milled reel seat slide band to reduce weight
  • Rod section model ID & alignment dots
  • Supplied in a rod bag and hard tube
Wing 9' 9 Weight 
9'9 $445.00  
Wing 9' 8 Weight 
9'8 $445.00  
Greys Kite Salmon Rod from W. W. Doak
Greys Kite Salmon Rod
A step forward from Greys' accomplished Lance series of rods, the Kite features several performance and convenience upgrades combined with an expanded range of models that offer Greys performance across a wide range of fishing scenarios and techniques. Built on a high intermediate modulus Greys Toreon blank offering refined and reliable performance, the Kite series also includes section alignment dots, model ID, captivated slide band alloy reel seats, and AAA grade cork handles. The Kite Single Handed range includes models perfectly suited to cover all of your single hand rod techniques and applications.
Kite 9' 8 Weight 
9'8 $305.00  
Kite 9' 6" 8 Weight 
9' 6"8 $305.00  
Greys Kite Switch Rod from W. W. Doak
Greys Kite Switch Rod
Kite 11' 1" 7/8 Weight 
11' 1"7/8 $425.00  
Greys Lance Fly Rod from W. W. Doak
Greys Lance Fly Rod
The Lance series of single-handed fly rods is the perfect introduction to the Greys performance fly rod range. Manufactured with an intermediate modulus carbon fibre material the Lance delivers performance well above its price with standard features including high quality all-alloy reel seats, quality cork grips and alignment dots. This concise range of performance fly rods offers both novice and experienced anglers alike the oppertunity to experience the Greys difference first hand.
  • Intermediate modulus 4pc Carbon blank
  • User–friendly high-performance action
  • AAA Cork handle
  • Single foot snake guides
  • Lined Stripper guides
  • All alloy anodised reel seat
  • Dual locking nuts with nylon cushion ring
  • Reel seat slide band with alignment mark
  • Rod section alignment dots
  • Supplied in a sectioned Tube
  Line WeightCapacity
Lance 9 ft. 8 Weight 
Lance 9 ft. 6in. 8 Weight 
9' 6"8$240.00  
Last Updated: April 15, 2024 at 5:03:46 PM
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