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Our reputation for high quality salmon flies is the foundation upon which our business has been developed over the past seventy seven years and we diligently seek to preserve the standard of excellence and consistency established by my father, Wallace Doak during his lifetime. Every salmon fly we sell is produced "in house" here at our shop on the Miramichi. In an era when it seems everyone is outsourcing to save money, we think it is very important for you to know who's tying your flies. After all, the fly is the only part of your tackle that a salmon sees, so isn't it the last place you should cut corners?

The flies pictured below are all "working models" taken directly from our regular inventory. Unlike your local fast food outlet, you can be confident that what you order will actually look like the photo. (View Salmon Fly Slide Show)
W. W. Doak "Deadly Dozens" from W. W. Doak
W. W. Doak "Deadly Dozens"

Since we first introduced these in our 1990 catalogue, W. W. Doak "Deadly Dozen" fly selections have become a very popular item. They are essentially a "Top Twelve" compilation of patterns based upon the most requested flies from various salmon fishing regions. Although lots of variations can be found among the local favourites on any river, these assortments feature historically proven patterns for specific destinations. Each "Deadly Dozen" is supplied in a clear pack, with each fly named for easy identification.

We are often asked to list the contents of our "Deadly Dozens" but we decline to do so. Since these selections represent a cross section of current ordering trends, the content of each assortment may change from time to time as pattern demand changes. Because this information is harvested solely from our personal experiences it is highly subjective. As such, it is not intended to be used as a reference for people planning to personally tie or otherwise acquire their flies for a particular destination.

All flies are tied on single hooks but can be done on doubles for an additional cost of $12.00.

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