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Islander Fly Reels from W. W. Doak


Islander reels are meticulously hand crafted in Canada from 6000 series high grade aluminum, titanium and stainless steel components. They are a pleasure to use and have remained our best selling reel in this price range. The drag features a silky smooth, frame-side, graphite impregnated cork disc system and Islander spools glide effortlessly on precision stainless steel ball bearings. All Islanders are easily convertible without tools for either right or left hand use. Every component is built to withstand the worst of salt water conditions and all models are available in either polished black or anodized gold.


By combining intelligent design and superior craftsmanship, Islander has refined and improved their line of large arbor reels with their LX series. These beautiful reels offer rapid line retrieval and less memory problems in a remarkably lightweight format. With ultra-light titanium drag components and an oversized cork disc-drag, Islander LX reels provide increased drag strength and structural integrity, with significant weight reduction. Download Manual

Colours Available:
<u><em>THE ISLANDER LX SERIES</em></u> from W. W. Doak

Spare Spool
LX 3.2 
3.20 "0.785 "5.70 ozWF5F + 75 yds.N/A N/A
LX 3.4 
3.40 "0.785 "5.90 ozWF6F + 125 yds.N/A N/A
LX 3.6 
3.60 "0.785 "6.20 ozWF7F + 175 yds.N/A N/A
LX 3.8 
3.80 "0.905 "7.80 ozWF8F + 175 yds.N/A N/A
LX 4.0 
4.10"1.000 "8.90 ozWF9F + 200 yds.N/A N/A
LX 4.5 
4.50 "1.120 "9.90 ozWF12F + 300 yds.N/A N/A
Last Updated: August 3, 2021 at 1:22:32 AM
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