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Orvis Hydros SL from W. W. Doak
Orvis Hydros SL
Orvis' newest reel delivers a 12% increase in line-retrieval rate, has a narrow spool to eliminate line stacking, and offers increased backing capacity. To top it off, it has a fully sealed drag mechanism, which means it's good to go for fishing the salt.
  • Large arbor fly reel
  • 12% increase in line retrieval thanks to our super large arbor
  • Fully sealed drag-clutch bearing
  • Narrow spool for less line stacking and increased backing capacity
  • Ergonomically designed asymmetric drag knob
  • 3x stronger drag with zero start-up inertia

  •   DiameterWeightCapacity
    Hydros SL IV 
    4¼"7.8 oz.WF8 + 200 yds$239.00  
    Hydros SL V 
    4½"9.0 oz.WF9 + 250 yds$259.00  
    Orvis Hydros

    There is not another true large arbor, big-game fly-fishing reel out there that carries this drag system performance in this price range. It's unheard of until now. The Hydros® Reel Series features a sealed drag surface that increases total drag surface by model: The larger the reel, the larger the drag surface and the more resistance available to handle larger fish. Using stacked carbon washers, controlled by a positive click adjustment system, the Hydros can be fine-tuned to handle any fish from a trout to a tuna with sustained and infinitely durable drag pressure.
    Reel Manual
     from W. W. Doak

    Hydros V 
    4¼"8.0 ozWF 10 with 225 yds. Backing$250.00  
    Orvis Battenkill Disc Spey Reel from W. W. Doak
    Orvis Battenkill Disc Spey Reel
    Simple, trouble free, and easily accessible in price-the ultimate in function and simplicity throughout the years. Welcome to the powerful, technologically advanced, and yet still accessible new generation of Battenkill reels. This latest Battenkill Disc version is true to its heritage in looks and performance, but updated with the latest in design improvements and a significantly more powerful drag. The porting and finish pay unmistakable homage to the Battenkills of the past, but this reel incorporates our best-selling mid-arbor design. Underneath that mid arbor is the same sealed drag system found in the Hydros SL incorporating six interacting carbon and stainless drag surfaces. Positive click drag is simple and easy to adjust. The reel is built of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with an ergonomic Delrin handle and changing from left to right hand retrieve is simple. In black nickel.

    Battenkill IV 
    3¾"8.9 oz.Line Weights 7-9$189.00  
    Battenkill V 
    4"9.9 oz.Line Weights 9-11$199.00  
    Orvis Access Mid-Arbor from W. W. Doak
    Orvis Access Mid-Arbor
    The Access Reel Series offers a full-range of performance features from machined 6061 aircraft aluminum to a totally sealed carbon and stainless-steel drag surface. Because this is a limited availability item, we have only a couple of sizes remaining, as listed below.
    Reel Manual

    Access Mid-Arbor III 
    3 ¼"4.60 ozWF 6 with 125 yds. Backing$169.00  
    Access Mid-Arbor V 
    4"5.88 ozWF 9 with 250 yds. Backing$189.00  
    Orvis Battenkill Barstock
    Simple design and flawless construction make this the perfect click-and-pawl fly reel for nearly any freshwater fishing situation. A minimalist's dream, the Battenkill features a classically styled, yet technically enhanced, four-position click-and-pawl drag system that is adjusted internally and is designed to work in tandem with the palm of your hand on those sizzling, screaming runs. Constructed with a narrow spool for less line stacking on retrieve and a larger spool diameter for higher line retrieval rates. The ultra-lightweight fly reel design balances perfectly on shorter rods. Machined from heavy-duty bar-stock aluminium for added durability. Easily adjustable left- or right-hand retrieve. Highlighted by laser-engraved logos. In black nickel.
    Orvis Battenkill Barstock from W. W. Doak

    Battenkill Barstock II 
    3"2.9 oz.WF4 + 75 yds of 20lb$109.00  
    Battenkill Barstock III 
    3¼"3.2 oz.WF5 + 125 yds of 20lb$119.00  
    Orvis Clearwater from W. W. Doak
    Orvis Clearwater
    Finally a cast aluminum large arbor fly fishing reel that's lightweight enough to balance properly with your favorite fly rod. Two years in design and development and with a powerful inline, Rulon® to stainless, stacked disc drag that can hold its own with high-performance machined reels, the all new Clearwater Large Arbor costs significantly less than its machined cousins, but has not only the looks, but the guts of a higher-priced version. Easily converted to either left- or right-hand retrieve, the Clearwater fly reel has a positive click drag knob for consistent settings every time. Whether you're looking for your first large arbor, fishing on a budget, or want a spare or two in the bag, the new Clearwater Large Arbor can handle anything a machined reel can and completely changes the game in die cast reels.
    Reel Manual

    Spare Spool
    Clearwater II 
    3 3/8"5.5 oz.WF 5 with 100 yds. Backing$98.95   N/A
    Clearwater IV 
    3 7/8"6.3 oz.WF 9 with 175 yds. Backing$112.50   N/A
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