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  • Greys Tital
  • Greys Tail AW
  • Greys Cruise
  • Greys Fin
  • Greys GTS 300
Greys Tital Fly Reel from W. W. Doak
Greys Tital Fly Reel
Greys all new flagship fly reel is fully constructed in bar stock aluminium and fitted with a saltwater sealed disc drag system. As part of the new Greys fly reel design concept, it shares many design traits with the other reels in the range, including a stunning large arbour design, simple secure spool release, high level manufacturing and finishing techniques, and high performance drag system combined with the increased impact resistance of full barstock construction.

  Line WeightCapacity
7/8WF 8 with 150 yds. Backing$259.95  
Greys Cruise
  • High quality di–cast, machine finished construction
  • Rulon disc drag system
  • Modern large arbor industrial design
  • Supplied with reel pouch
Greys Cruise from W. W. Doak

  Line WeightCapacity
7/8WF 8 with 100 yds. Backing$69.95  
Greys Fin Fly Reel from W. W. Doak
Greys Fin Fly Reel
The FIN reels are the first range in the entirely new Greys reel family. A beautiful performance reel in a never before seen Di-cast construction. The FIN is constructed from durable injection molded aluminum that undergoes two unique machining processes to perfect and polish it to a stunning multi-color finish. The reels are fitted with a full rulon disc brake system that provides a sturdy smooth drag. The fully enclosed frame prevents line escape and is designed with a large arbor spool for rapid retrieve and line care. The Greys FIN reels set a new standard in performance fly reels at an affordable price. Supplied with a reel pouch.

  Line WeightCapacity
7/8WF 8 with 100 yds. BackingN/A
9/10WF 9 with 200 yds. Backing$79.95  
Greys GTS 300 Fly Reel
The GTS300 offers a step into the Greys fly reel assortment and is a fantastic value for money. The die cast full aluminium construction offers a great strength to weight ratio, and the reel features a Rulon disc drag system.
Greys GTS 300 Fly Reel from W. W. Doak

  Line WeightCapacity
4/5/6WF 6 with 50 yds. Backing$61.95  
6/7/8WF 8 with 85 yds. BackingN/A
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