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    Ultralite X
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Hardy Ultralite X 4 Piece Fly Rod from W. W. Doak
Hardy Ultralite X 4 Piece Fly Rod
  • Sintrix NSX combined with a greater percentage of high modulus carbon fibre
  • Rapid taper blank design maximises material performance
  • Ceramic lined titanium recoil guides
  • Rod of choice for high performance situations

  • There are adverse conditions that place a different set of demands on our equipment - extreme weather, extreme distance, or even extreme flies. The Ultralite X is the answer to those demands. The high recovery rates drive tight loops with even the largest flies. The more powerful butt section is built for lifting deep sunk lines, pressuring large fish away from snags, and handling density compensated fly lines with aggressive tapers.
    Ultralite X 9' 8 Weight 
    9'8 $950.00  
    Ultralite X 10' 8 Weight 
    10'8 N/A
    Hardy Ultralite X 4 Aydon Fly Rod from W. W. Doak
    Hardy Ultralite X 4 Aydon Fly Rod
     A perfect blend of balance, recovery, and power, the user-friendly performance of the Aydon series is the optimum mix between casting performance and true "fishability". Carefully designed and manufactured with Sintrix material and then meticulously tested, the Aydon Single Handed series offers a comprehensive assortment of single handed models to cover everything from small stream trout to stillwater fishing large bodies of open water. These light weight rods have been refined by countless hours of on-water development to ensure that each model is perfectly tailored to meet your expectations. Fitted with top quality hardware and a purposefully designed reel seat, the Aydon is also supplied in a convenient travel tube and high-quality rod bag.
    Aydon 9' 8 Weight 
    9'8 $595.00  
    Aydon 10' 8 Weight 
    10'8 $550.00  
    Hardy Zane 4 Piece Fly Rod from W. W. Doak
    Hardy Zane 4 Piece Fly Rod
  • Totally re-designed blanks based on the award-winning Proaxis series
  • Ceramic lined Titanium frame guides
  • Salt safe Anodised reel seat
  • strength to weight Ratio of Sintrix 330
  • 4-section design for the ultimate in performance and convenience
  •   LengthLineWeight
    Zane 9' 8 Weight 
    9'83.80 oz.$595.00  
    Zane 9' 9 Weight 
    9'94.10 oz.$595.00  
    Last Updated: April 1, 2023 at 3:14:49 AM
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