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New Brunswick Fishing Licenses

New Brunswick angling licenses are no longer being sold at provincial Natural Resources offices but are now available through the local "Service New Brunswick" outlet in Doaktown. For a detailed listing of hours and contact information, follow this link:

Service New Brunswick


To purchase your fishing license online, click here:

  • Purchase License Online

    For a full list of private license vendors, click here:

  • Private License Vendors

    List of fishing guides

  • Guide List

  • License cost and other information is available here:

  • Department of Natural Resources License Information

    A copy of the 2023 New Brunswick Angling Summary is available here:

  • 2023 New Brunswick Angling Summary

    Specific questions regarding regulations and their application can usually be answered through the Natural Resources district office in either Doaktown or Miramichi

    Last Updated: July 13, 2024 at 4:35:46 PM
    W. W. Doak (506) 365-7828
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